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2022-2023 IMA Symposium Program

September 30
Presider: Michael W. Hollis-George

Julie Hawkins, School of Humanities, Arts and Social Sciences, University of New England, “How do Middle English texts depict humans in relation to Nature? A look at human engagement with environments in SGGK.”

Sakti Sekhar Dash, Fellow of Social Science Research Council, Open Association of Research Society, “From Wilderness to the Gardens: Understanding Eco-theory in Middle English Literature”

Lorenz Hindrichsen, Copenhagen International School, “Streets and Roads in the Canterbury Tales.”

October 14

Presider: Michael W. Hollis-George

Dr. Kristen Deiter, Tennesee Tech University, “Richard III and the Tower of London: Conceptually Integrating the Monstrous and Monumental”

Daniel Stoll, East Tennessee State University, “Understanding the Supernatural and Mythological in Beowulf: The ‘Hellish’ Cave”

Bridgette Hulse, Northwestern University, “Graffiti and Cathedrals: The Creation of Elite Worship Spaces in Medieval England”

October 28
Medieval Monstrosities (part of our yearly Halloween series)
Presider: Libby Escobedo

Jasmine Celtel, “The Feeling of Fear: Suffocation and Fear’s Transferrance in The Grave and Hali Meithhad”

Melanie Socrates, “Medical Monstrosities: Slaying the Worm”

Thomas H. Kaal, Queen Mary University of London, “A Hybrid Monster?: Polemical Depictions of Converso Heresy in 15th Century Spain.”

November 11
Presider: Michael W. Hollis-George

Sarah Powrie, “Decentering Anthropocentricism: The humbled Microcosm of Bernard Silvestris’s  Cosmographia

 Caroline Womack, “The Adventure at the Fountain: Deconstructing the Function of Water in Chr├ętien’s Yvain

Srija Dutta, Presidency University, Kolkata, “Beyond the Binary: Homosexuality in Medieval India" 

February 10
Presider: Christopher Flavin

Frank Grabowski, Rogers State University. "The Significance of Place in Boethius’s Consolation"

Shannon Jankowski, Northeastern State University. "Courtly Love and Courtly Spaces:The Representation of Courtly Love in the Arthurian and Fae Courts of Lanval."

Caitlyn Harris, Northeastern State University. "Rhetorical Spaces in the Letters of Abelard and Heloise." 

February 17:
Presider: Michael W. Hollis-George

Kephart, Daniel, University of Rochester, “Milk and Blood: Crusader Rhetoric and the Shrine of Our Lady of Walsingham”

Duncan, Heather, University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign, “Curious Camels and Wicked Wolves: The Role of Animals in the Histories of Gregory of Tours”

Gradzewicz, Audrey, The Pennsylvania State University, “Otherworlds, Queer Futures: Rape and Restoration in Sir Orfeo

March 3
Presider: Michael W. Hollis-George

McMullen Joey, Indiana University, Bloomington, “Prince as Place in the Poetry of the Middle Welsh Gogynfeirdd

Chase, Katherine A., NYU, "Feminized Environments: Margaret Cavendish's Theory of Fiction in The Blazing World."

March 10
Presider: Michael W. Hollis-George

Hoover, Benjamin, Indiana University, Bloomington, “"'That knyght that idil lies': Negotiating Space and Identity Categories in Ywain and Gawain."

Prasinos, Andreas “Environmental and Geological Features that Inspired Hell in Divine Comedy.”

Parvinder, Kaur, Sikkim University. Gangtok, “Of Forest and Fountain.”

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