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2021-2022 IMA Symposium Program

September 25
Session 1: Place, Space, & Identity in Medieval Literature
Presider: Michael W. Hollis-George

William F. Hodapp, The College of St. Scholastica

"Transforming Space through Performing Place and Identity in the Towneley Shepherds Pageants"

E. L. Risden, emeritus, St. Norbert College 

"Space, Place, and Identity in Dante’s Commedia"

Nickolas Haydock, University of Puerto Rico, Mayagüez

"Temple Troubles: Space and Identity in Middle English Troy and Thebes Narratives"

November 13
Session 2: Medieval Monstrosity
(Part of our Monsters Within and Without Halloween series)
Presider: Michael W. Hollis-George

Libby Escobedo, Aurora University

"Disease, Deformity and Monstrosity in the Late Middle Ages"

Mickey Sweeny, Dominican University

"Monstrous--When the Monster Is You and the Knight Next to You..."

January 22
Session 3: Disease, Punishment, and Martyrs
Presider: Mickey Sweeny

Lorenz Hindrichsen, Independent Scholar

“Postpandemic Trauma in Geoffrey Chaucer’s The Franklin’s Tale”

Sarah Friedman, University of Wisconsin-Madison

"'Sovereyn pestilence'": Contagion, Sexual Violence, and Healing in Chaucer’s The Physician’s Tale"

Evelyn Nicholson,  Cambridge Theological Federation

"From the Foothills of Snowdon to Shrewsbury and Onward. The Transformation of St Winifred, Virgin Martyr"

February 12

Kathryn Jasper,  Illinois State University

“The Communication of Trauma and Monastic Friendship”

February 19
Session 4: Identity, Trauma, Poverty
Presider: Nikolas Hoel

Julio César Cárdenas Arenas, Complutense University of Madrid, Spain

“Jewish identities and Connections in Medieval Islamic Literature”

Ian Moore,  Loyola Marymount University

“Preaching Placeless and Timeless Poverty in Impoverished Times and Places: Eckhart on the First Beatitude.”

Giovanni de Simone, Independent Scholar

“Treating Trauma: Considerations Regarding Contemporary Strategies in Light of the Aristotelian-Thomist Tradition”

February 26:
Session 5: Humor and Identity in Medieval Literature
Presider: Edward Risden

Naseem Asiq, Jawaharlal Nehru University, India

“Laughing Matters: An Essay on Kings, Clowns and Nobles”

Christopher Flavin, Northeastern State University

“Laughter and Pain in Chaucer’s Canterbury Tales”

Michael W. Hollis-George, Millikin University

“Laughing in the Face of Danger: Humorous Coping in MS Harley 913”

March 5
Session 6: Navigating Identity in Medieval East Asia
Presider: Michael W. Hollis-George

Peter Shapinsky, University of Illinois Springfield

“Hmm, Japanese Pirate or Korean Official Today? A Borderlander’s Wardrobe and Identity Shifting in the Fifteenth-Century Straits of Tsushima”

Michael Bathgate, Saint Xavier University

“Travelers in Space and Time: Imagining India and China in a Medieval Japanese Tale Collection”

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