Proceedings of the Illinois Medieval Association
Volume 14 · 1997


Popular Piety: Prayer, Devotion, and Cult
Editors: Allen J. Frantzen and Thomas N. Hall
Online Editor: Allen J. Frantzen


Preface--Unavailable at the moment.
  1. How Popular was Early Medieval Devotion?
    by Ian Wood

  2. The Cult of Umiliana de' Cerchi (1219-1246)
    by Anne M. Schuchman

  3. St. Gertrude's Synecdoche: The Problem of Writing the Heart
    by Eve B. Jenkins

  4. A Virtuous Mouth: Reading and Speaking in the Ancrene Wisse
    by Kari Kalve

  5. Dangerous Beauty, Beautiful Speech: Gendered Eloquence in Medieval Preaching
    by Claire Waters

  6. "Swete May, Soulis Leche": The Winifred Carol by John Audelay
    by Melissa Jones

  7. "Crucifye hem, crucifye hem": The Subject and Affective Response in Stories of the Passion
    by Laurelle LeVert

  8. Motives for Donations to the Trinity-Sergius Monastery, 1392-1605: Gender Matters
    by David B. Miller

  9. Martín y muchos pobres: The Grotesque Image of the "Charity of St. Martin" in the Bosch and Breughel Schools
    by Martin W. Walsh

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