Proceedings of the Illinois Medieval Association

Volume 12 · 1995

Children and the Family in the Middle Ages
Edited by Nicole Clifton
Online Editor: Allen J. Frantzen




  1. Narratives of a Nurturing Culture: Parents and Neighbors in Medieval England
    by Barbara Hanawalt

  2. Textuality and Subjectivity: Theorizing the Figure of the Child in Middle English Literature
    by Daniel T. Kline

  3. Chaucer's Missing Children
    by Jane Cowgill

  4. My Family First: Draft-Dodging Parents in the Confessio Amantis
    by Lauren Kiefer

  5. Mysticism, Meditation, and Identification in The Book of Margery Kempe
    by Carolyn Coulson

  6. Family Strategies in Medieval London: Financial Planning and the Urban Widow, 1123-1473
    by Susan M. B. Steuer

  7. "A la guise de Gales l'atorna": Maternal Influence in Chrétien's Conte du Graal
    by Debora B. Schwartz

  8. The "Good Upbringing" of Ramon Llull's Blanquerna: Appropriation and Misrecognition as Social Reproduction
    by Mark D. Johnston

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