Proceedings of the Illinois Medieval Association
Volume 13 · 1996

Social Practice in the Middle Ages
Editors: Thomas H. Bestul and Thomas N. Hall
Online Editor: Allen J. Frantzen


  1. Coronation as Legible Practice
    by Paul Strohm

  2. "Attempree diete was al hir phisik": The Medieval Application of Medical Theory to Feasting
    by Kristen M. Burkholder

  3. Beating the Bounds Between Church and State: Official Documents in the Literary Imagination
    by Bryan P. Davis

  4. Aquinas on the Practice of Prostitution
    by Vincent M. Dever

  5. Piers's Good Will: Langland's Politics of Reform and Inheritance in the C-Text
    by Michael D. C. Drout

  6. The Social Uses of Religious Literature: Challenging Authority in the Thirteenth-Century Marian Miracle Tale
    by David A. Flory

  7. The Social Position of the Surgeon in London, 1350-1450
    by Bryon Grigsby

  8. Flytes of Fancy: Boasting and Boasters from Beowulf to Gangsta Rap
    by Alta Cools Halama

  9. Bede, Social Practice, and the Problem with Foreigners
    by Stephen J. Harris

  10. Ælfric's Sources and His Gendered Audiences
    by Stacy S. Klein

  11. A Beastly Origin: Journeys from the "Oxes Stalle" in Chaucer's Poetry
    by John B. Marino

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