Essays in Medieval Studies

Published by the West Virginia University Press and, beginning with Volume 18, vended
in electronic form by Project MUSE through Johns Hopkins University Press, Essays in Medieval Studies (EMS) is the peer-reviewed proceedings volume of the Illinois Medieval Association. Essays in Medieval Studies is published annually by the Illinois Medieval Association and publishes only papers presented at that year's annual meeting.

To submit, you must first have presented your paper at the annual meeting of the Illinois Medieval Association, which typically occurs each February at a rotating location in Illinois. Check the Illinois Medieval Association web site for information on the meeting and EMS call for papers.

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Invitation for Contributions to Essays in Medieval Studies

The Illinois Medieval Association invites all speakers at the annual conference to submit revised versions of their papers for publication in Essays in Medieval Studies (EMS) the Association's annual journal.  EMS is published by West Virginia University Press and distributed online through the Project Muse of Johns Hopkins University Press.

If you wish to submit your essay for consideration for publication in EMS, you may submit the version you read at the February conference. Or, if you wish, you may make revisions, or simply include a cover letter that indicates the revisions you propose.  

If your essay is accepted for publication for EMS, you will be asked to follow the new style sheet. Please direct any questions you have to the editor before you submit the final copy. These guidelines are standard for essays that will be published in electronic form and that must be edited electronically.